Family Action

Family Tree’s Family Action project offers more than a support group – it’s a monthly meeting for carers and family members, facilitated by professionals but with the ability to access specialist advice and services for our carers.

Family Action meetings are informal but are about more than just ‘tea and sympathy’ – the hope is, you’ll sort out the problems you might be facing either in the group (with the help of other carers who might have faced similar problems) or with the help of outside assistance.

The group meets in the evening between  7pm – 9.30pm on the last Tuesday of every month (excluding August and December) at St Catherine’s Community Centre, St Catherine’s Hospital, Chrurch Road, Tranmere, CH42 0LQ.   Please check our calendar for future meetings or ring Family Tree on 0151 488 8159 for more details.

There are a range of other support groups for people with mental health issues in Wirral – please see our Guide to Mental Health Services for further details.